Canada, 24th Sep 2023, King NewsWire – local time, IsLand, the world’s leading AI technology company, and its first AI financial ecological application EXGPT, officially announced its cooperation with the University of Toronto, Canada, to establish the AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) technology laboratory.

This strategic cooperation marks a solid step taken by two leading institutions in the world, aiming to promote the multi-field research and application of AI artificial intelligence technology.

The AIGC Technology Laboratory will bring together the University of Toronto’s outstanding research capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and the IsLand Fund’s outstanding contributions to AI innovation. This cooperation is committed to expanding the frontier of AI technology, promoting the application of AI in medical, financial, education, and other fields, and bringing more innovation and welfare to human society.

It is reported that the University of Toronto, Canada, as one of the world’s first-class research universities, has always been proud of its excellent academic reputation and innovative scientific research results. The school has a team of leading scientists and researchers from around the world focused on advancing cutting-edge research in science, technology, and society. The University of Toronto enjoys a global reputation for its multi-disciplinary research projects that are far-reaching and have a profound impact on society.

IsLand and EXGPT: co-creating the future of AI

IsLand has always been committed to becoming the world’s leading AI technology company, and EXGPT, as its first AI financial ecological application, combines AI technology with the financial field to provide users with a safe, transparent, and intelligent financial experience. This cooperation will further promote the application of AI on a global scale and create more business opportunities.

The IsLand Foundation, as an important promoter in the field of AI innovation, has been committed to promoting the development and application of AI technology to achieve a smarter and more sustainable future. The IsLand Foundation has become one of the leaders in the global AI field with its forward-looking insights and outstanding innovation in AI technology. The foundation actively participates in the global AI community, promotes knowledge sharing and cooperation, and aims to maximize the potential of AI technology to benefit all mankind.

The founder of the IsLand Fund said: “We are very excited about our cooperation with the University of Toronto. This laboratory will become an innovation center in the field of AI, and we look forward to pushing the frontier of AI technology here and jointly exploring the potential of AI in different fields. “

Researchers at the University of Toronto are also confident in the collaboration. A professor said: “This laboratory will provide us with a unique opportunity to delve into all aspects of AI technology, from basic research to application development, so as to better understand and utilize the potential of AI technology.”


The establishment of the AIGC Technology Laboratory witnessed the close cooperation between the University of Toronto and the IsLand Foundation and injected new vitality into the future development of AI artificial intelligence. This collaboration aims to bring together the University of Toronto’s excellence in research and academics and the IsLand Foundation’s expertise in AI innovation. The AIGC Technology Laboratory will become an open platform that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging scholars and researchers to conduct in-depth research in the field of AI and apply their results to multiple fields such as medical care, finance, education, and environmental protection.

This cooperation represents an important breakthrough in the global AI field and aims to jointly address the challenges facing the global society and pave the way for the future development of AI technology. The AIGC Technology Laboratory will continue to explore the frontiers of AI, provide more possibilities for social innovation, and jointly create a more intelligent, sustainable, and prosperous future.

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