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Intelligent Diva Is Unleashing the Music Is Art Album Early October Under Diva Underground Records

Jacksonville, Florida Sep 23, 2023 ( – Music is her Life and with Intelligent Diva is exploring multiple fields of entertainment which you will get to hear in her album Music Is Art. The music artist is releasing her new album utilizing the waterfall approach where she has been constantly releasing music. We are talking hit after hit. However, this time it is more than music. You will get to hear voiceovers, skits, poetry, and music. Also, music across the genres of rock, pop, urban Latin, rob, hip hop, and dance music. She is the executive producer, singer, songwriter, lyricist, and vocal arranger on the project.

She also directed all the music visuals for the project. Intelligent Diva collaborates with her global team who assist her with pulling everything together under her She has music to party, music which is uplifting the album includes things that are part of her passion. Voice acting is a skill that she performs. One of the characters she will portray on the album will be a DJ. I.D. states in her early childhood days she fell in love with recording her favorite songs from the radio and producing her own mixes. She would also take her mother’s instrumental albums and function as a DJ to get her friends to get up and dance. She and friends from the neighborhood would hold a dance contest and select judges to decide on which person produced the best remix. Not the dance moves. Diva goes on further to tell us that she teamed up to produce the idea to include dance tracks on the album which consist of music you can dance to, played over loops of amazing hooks. No, verses. This is the first time she has structured a song this way. But she is not afraid to try new things. She teamed up with producer SFR Beats and I. Hayes on the album.

The world has had a chance to hear existing chart-topping hits written, performed, and released by Intelligent Diva as part of the waterfall process. The album will include songs for the chart-topping EP “Stop Calling Me.” The billboard hit single “User,” will also be on the album along with the chart-topping single” We Outside.” Stay Tuned the album Intelligent Diva will release the album Diva Underground Records in early October on all streaming platforms.


Stop Calling Me


Love Letter

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