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Hercules Site Services PLC (AIM:HERC) CEO Brusk Korkmaz and CFO Paul Wheatcroft speak to Thomas Warner from Proactive about some recent contract wins in the UK's infrastructure sector. They explain that since June, Hercules has secured contracts worth over 3.1 million with major clients Thames Water and Anglian Water, focusing on nine wastewater and clean water management projects.

This comes as UK water companies commit 10 billion towards wastewater infrastructure by 2030. Financially, while specific details remain under wraps until year-end, Paul Wheatcroft hints at a positive trajectory for the company, referencing the 85% revenue growth and 71% gross profit increase in their interim results up to March 2023.

Brusk Korkmaz expressed confidence in maintaining their growth momentum, emphasising a robust client pipeline as they approach the year's end. The UK's water sectors has been prominent in the media this summer owing to the emergence of serious failings, which require urgent solutions of a type that Hercules is well-placed to provide.

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