Using the recently announced strategy, Swansea business owners can have highly customised, branded content placed on high-authority sites across the internet, such as Bloomberg.

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While it is not unusual for companies to generate digital content for marketing, this content is most often displayed on the brand’s website, social media sites, and marketing services. This newly available service from Yap Digital Marketing empowers brands to reach an audience of more than 55 million readers, using a trusted news and media site.

With this technique, local business owners can increase their chances of having branded content placed near the top of search engines, using Bloomberg’s high authority rating of 94/100. This rating is used by the search engine algorithms to determine which content is interesting, relevant, and noteworthy, so it can place that content near the top of the results.

Yap Digital Marketing has built connections with the Bloomberg editing team, and teams from several other major publications, to craft unique and engaging content that meets the publication requirements. News articles published using this technique are not considered advertisements, and will never have a “sponsored ad” banner next to their links in the search results.

Although business owners are encouraged to provide suggestions for topics, locations, or products that they wish to market, this branding strategy is offered as a “Done-For-You” service. Yap Digital Marketing specialists will handle the entire process, including research, writing, search engine optimisation, and distribution with trusted news networks.

This strategy was pioneered by Rhodri Jones, a specialist in brand growth marketing, lead generation, and public relations. Jones is also the founder of Yap Digital Marketing and works closely with clients to ensure that each piece of content meets their highest quality standards. More information about Rhodri Jones can be found at

A spokesperson for Yap Digital Marketing explained, “By putting together the right relationships, targeted content, and optimised content, it’s possible to secure the coveted visibility that comes from being published on This can deliver immense public relations benefits for establishing your brand’s credibility and reach with such an influential readership.”

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