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A Montreal animation studio wants to conquer the world with its new animated series: The Black Maroon Adventures

Montreal, Quebec Oct 28, 2023 ( – Boman Animation Studios is a Montreal-based video production company. As part of its first animation project, the company announces that it has posted the pilot for the new animated series The Black Maroon Adventures on YouTube and social media.

The series is built around a character nicknamed the Black Maroon or the Neg Mawon in Haitian Creole. The five minutes and forty-four seconds (5:44) video shows a quick glimpse of the main character during a bank robbery and the rescue of kidnapped customers.

Feddy Rock, an accomplished young millionaire of the new generation, embodies the Black Maroon. In the vibrant metropolis of Delma City, where advanced technology and mystical energies coexist, crime and corruption run rampant. The Black Maroon, warrior of the Haitian revolution, returns to earth 221 years after his death to find that the world is still unfair, unequal and corrupt, and nothing has changed for his people. Behind a mask, Feddy Rock and the Black Maroon attempt to repair this broken world, by exposing notorious criminals.

“Like many people in this country, we are frustrated by the lack of afro-caribbean, afro-canadian inspired content in mainstream entertainment (comics, television, animation, games, etc.). But rather than complain, we chose to act and create a new animated series,” said Fedner Cleus, CEO of Boman Studios.

“Whether you’re in America, Europe, or Africa, you’ll enjoy our compelling stories. Inspired by Afro-Creole history, culture, and mythology, we use comics, novels, animation, and other forms of media to tell extraordinary stories of black superheroes and fantasy tales that everyone can relate to! Join the movement and discover epic and original stories. On another note, I’d like to take this opportunity to inform our fans and supporters that we’ve started a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform. People can encourage us and support the project.” added Mr. Cleus.

“We are very pleased to be working with Spoof Animation, a Nigerian animation studio that can compete with the “big boys” in the animation industry. Our association with Spoof Animation enables us to accelerate our presence and reputation in the animation industry,” said Francis Ross, writer at Boman Studios.

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