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Jubilee Metals Group PLC (AIM:JLP, JSE:JBL, OTC:JUBPF) CEO Leon Coetzer speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the metal recovery business published an operational update for the first quarter of its financial year. Coetzer starts by summarising achievements in South Africa, highlighting its modular expansions and progress toward becoming one of the world's major chrome producers.

The results, according to Coetzer, align with expectations. The second vital component is their copper operations in Zambia. Coetzer emphasises their expanding copper portfolio and how the strategies in Zambia have evolved from the lessons they've learned. A key takeaway from the update is the modularity and simplicity in their expansion, thanks to their technical and development centres.

Addressing investor concerns, Coetzer stated that while the company's strategies bring novelty and complexity, they've demystified the technical aspects into an operational module. Their unique approach aims to extract copper from previously overlooked low-grade processed tailings.

Looking to the company's second quarter, running from 31 September to the end of the calendar year, October saw further expansions in Jubilee's chrome footprint in South Africa and continued momentum in expanding their copper footprint in Zambia. Coetzer aims to reflect the growing operating margin in their Chrome business by the end of December and further expand their copper modular rollout.

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