Calgary, AB – Accentuated beauty through cosmetic services is more popular now than ever. Cinnamon Girl Clinic is a trendsetter in this industry, offering permanent makeup services to men and women in Calgary. The beauty studio is experiencing a busy summer season following a greater demand for its quality, competitively priced services.

The team attributes this rise in demand to years of providing reputable services that have earned them many referrals. Their immense success shows their continuous commitment to building a strong brand in the permanent makeup industry. The beauty studio accentuates the brows, lips, eyes, body, and face to make some features more distinct.

Cinnamon Girl Clinic offers different services for brows and lashes. They include Calgary microblading, henna tinting, eyebrow lamination lift, and waxing. These make the brows look fuller, darker, and precisely shaped in line with the client’s preferred color shade. Clients can make their eyes pop more by paying for eyelash extensions, eyeliner tattoos, and lash lifting and tinting.

For more distinct lip features, the clinic offers lip blush tattoos and lip waxing to assist clients who have lost their lip color or want to change the color of their lips to match their favorite lip gloss. With varied shades of brown, pink, and red, the clinic makes lips appear fuller and better outlined with the perfect cupid’s bow. The results are smooth, with no harsh lines, lasting 2 to 5 years.

Cinnamon Girl Clinic has many options for improved facial features. They include micro-needling for acne that boosts collagen and elastin production to accelerate skin rejuvenation. The clinic offers a related precision anti-aging microneedling service that restores youthful appearance by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and sun damage. In addition, they provide face tattoos that create natural-looking freckles that save time on the daily beauty routine.

The Beauty Clinic Calgary offers professional piercings done by certified staff. They pierce the nose, ears, and belly button in singles, doubles, or triples. Many clients have described the process as ‘nearly’ painless with minimal recovery time. There’s a variety of medical-grade jewelry featuring butterflies, studs, and double hoops, among many more.

Cinnamon Girl Clinic has unique services ideal for men only. They include scalp and beard pigmentation for those experiencing hair thinning but do not wish to undergo a hair transplant. The staff can provide areola tooting for men who have undergone breast cancer mastectomy to restore symmetry or for transmen.

A quote from the beauty clinic’s website states, “Permanent makeup makes busy mornings and active lifestyles easier. It boosts confidence, and can even help heal. We use the latest, leading-edge techniques to offer permanent makeup that enhances natural beauty, and we work directly with doctors and surgeons to support healing after trauma. Our highly-trained tattoo artists bring years of experience in paramedical and cosmetic tattooing for both men and women.”

Contact the staff at (403) 288-2769 for early bookings during this busy season, or visit their website for more on permanent makeup services. Cinnamon Girl Clinic is located at 4616 Valiant Dr NW #208, Calgary, AB, T3A 0X9, CA.

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