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Topics will span trust & safety, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy, and more.

London, United Kingdom Oct 17, 2023 ( – Innovation and collaboration take center stage as 500+ European marketplace and digital platform founders, CEOs, and leaders come together to tackle some of the industry’s biggest challenges at Lloyd’s of London October 30 – November 1, 2023. In its fifth year, the 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit promises to be a catalyst for addressing some of the most pressing issues facing today’s marketplace and digital platform ecosystem.

The Global Summit will feature a lineup of 120+ distinguished speakers, each bringing unique experience, expertise, and insights, delivering more than five dozen sessions that delve into the heart of the industry’s most significant challenges. Topics will span trust & safety, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy, and more, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities within the evolving digital ecosystem.

Keynotes will be presented by Amanda Storey, Managing Director of Trust and Safety at Google, and Tomi Tuominen, VP of Security at Wolt. Storey will discuss how Google thinks about risk management in trust & safety, from safety by design through incident management. Tuominen will explore how security can be an enabler for businesses instead of a barrier or hindrance in the fast-paced world of online marketplaces.

Finally, Dr. Stephen Fusco, Senior Director of Legal Affairs and Data Security at HopSkipDrive will be honored as the incoming Chair of the Marketplace Risk Advisory Board, responsible for supporting and developing cutting-edge programs and events offered by Marketplace Risk. As a seasoned attorney and expert in data privacy, Dr. Fusco will leverage his experience advising tech platforms to lead the Advisory Board’s efforts to address some of the tech industry’s biggest challenges.

“The Marketplace Risk Global Summit is Europe’s largest marketplace conference and a great opportunity for the tech industry to come together to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience, and collaborate to solve its many challenges,” said Jeremy Gottschalk, Marketplace Risk Founder & CEO. “By collaborating around issues that transcend and unite the tech industry, we see greater impact in the lives of everyday people. We look forward to finding innovative solutions to these pervasive challenges.”

Limited spots are available for this exclusive gathering. Early registration is encouraged to secure a place at the forefront of marketplace and digital platform innovation. For more information and to register, visit

About the Marketplace Risk Global Summit:

The Marketplace Risk Global Summit is an annual gathering of industry leaders focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities within the dynamic landscape of marketplaces and digital platforms. With a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation, the Global Summit provides a unique platform for thought leaders to exchange ideas and drive the industry forward.

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