Los Angeles, California Oct 25, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The Aesthetic App is improving the way developing nations do business in an artificial intelligence (AI) driven world. Its counterpart, The Aesthetic App website, is already LIVE at https://theaestheticapp.online and supports small businesses of many varieties.

As AI advances throughout the business world, businesses in developing nations struggle to stay afloat and keep up. The fear of AI, lack of resources, know-how, and access to technology are complex obstacles to overcome. Inspired by his travel experiences and his entrepreneur mother, Ousmane Sharif, a software developer and designer, created The Aesthetic App to help small business owners digitize their brick-and-mortar operations and market their products to a larger international audience.

“I’m inspired by my mother, Grace,” Ousmane Sharif said. “As a Liberian immigrant, who escaped from a civil war in Liberia in 1988, she started making her way in America by selling $100 worth of goods that she brought with her from Africa. My mother funded my global travel experiences for me so I could learn how other people make a living all over the world.”

AI is already making strides in the sales and retail fields. Many jobs are getting done faster and cheaper, which generates potential job instability. Following COVID-19, businesses have learned they must adapt by working with AI rather than fighting against it. For example, business owners could use AI to create product descriptions to level up their art form or chosen career path.

“I designed The Aesthetic App to help solve a poverty issue in developing countries,” Sharif said. “I built the app to help small businesses not get left behind by technology and to help businesses looking to cut overhead costs yet retain a human touch.”

Sellers worldwide can sell their products from their current locations and be located via the app by their existing and new customers. The Aesthetic App has a user-friendly interface and provides expert customer service. Vendors can turn a passion into a proper business venture. Merchants may sign up for free at https://theaestheticapp.online and download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Shoppers can download and use the app too. Customers can find fashion wardrobe items, trade sneakers, discover must-have technology, international music flavors, custom paintings and crafts, and beauty products and services.

Tutorial videos are coming soon to the website to demonstrate the combined use of AI with The Aesthetic App.

About Ousmane Sharif

Ousmane Sharif founded and personally designed The Aesthetic App. Follow Sharif on Instagram (@ousmanesharif). He is the co-owner of a boxing gym, Profight Club, in Los Angeles, Calif.Sharif trains as a boxer when he’s not working his day job. Recently, he trained with Manny Pacquiao, philanthropist, former Filipino politician, and former professional boxer. EsNews Boxing interviewed Sharif for a workout with Pacquiao two years ago. See the Interview on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYV0jI95kCU&pp=ygU_VHJhaW5pbmcgcGFydG5lciBob3cgaGFyZCB3YXMgaXQga2VlcGluZyB1cCB3aXRoIG1hbm55IHBhY3F1aWFv.

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